Hi Godfree - thanks as always for your message. I'm not sure that independent analysis will back you up in your claim that "China is now the world leader in almost all fields of human endeavor". This is not an anti-China position, far from it. But you don't provide any evidence to support it.

Why not come on the show and argue your case?

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I’m that vein, I’d be interested to see you guys Interview a sophisticated Chinese actor, someone with the freedom to get into it with you. Hu Xijin’s probably over-booked, but surely there’s someone else who would enjoy articulating a pugnacious defense of China’s “national project.”

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Great leads. Many thanks!

Guys, have you noticed that, though you tend to select articles of high quality, they support the Western MSM point of view – of which we need no more.

Since 1942, that POV has generated policies that have been consistently wrong about China.

Instead, why not focus on why China is now the world leader in almost all fields of human endeavor and is run by the most trusted, competent government in world history.

If we can't have good government, at least tell us about someone who can and does.

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