Sitemap - 2022 - What China Wants by Sam Olsen

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Episode 31: How Does China Celebrate Christmas?

The latest Evenstar Institute bulletin

Episode 30: Will a Western "Nato for Tech" Work?

The new Evenstar Institute weekly bulletin

Episode 29: An Overlooked Risk

Announcing The Evenstar Institute think tank

Episode 28: Is the current monetary cycle accelerating bifurcation between China and the West?

The ‘golden era’ is over, but there is still room to have a relationship with China

Episode 27: The Great China-Australia Trade Spat

Episode 26: China-Western Chip Wars

Episode 25: Is China Good for Africa?

Episode 24: Where the Chinese Economy Now Stands

Episode 23: What China's National Party Congress Means for the World

Episode 22: Xi Jinping, The Most Powerful Man in the World

Xi's Speech, & US Chip Export Controls

Episode 21: China's Upcoming National Congress

Episode 20: An Investor's Perspective on China

Episode 19: China Coups and Disinformation

Episode 18: Is China Destroying Europe's Tech Companies?

Episode 17: The Queen, China, and Imperial Monarchy

Episode 16: China's Water Crisis

Episode 15: Is China a Threat to Western Liberalism?

Episode 14: Recapping the Summer

Episode (repeat): China's Economic Red Flags

Episode (repeat): The Coming Great Split Between China and the West

Episode 13: The Dangers from Invisible China

China's Dry Run on a Blockade of Taiwan has Started

Will China Blockade Taiwan?

Episode 12: The UK's changing relationship with China

Episode 11: Inside the Chinese Language

Episode 10: What Should We Expect from China's Coming 20th Party Congress?

Can Biden and Boris’ new global initiative compete with the Belt & Road?

China's Economic Red Flags

Episode 7: Why the Pacific Matters to China

Episode 6: The Coming Economic Shock of the Great Split

Episode 5: The Great Split between China and the West is Coming

Episode 4: Is Southeast Asia the Frontier of Great Power Competition?

How Might the War in Ukraine Affect China's Ambitions for Taiwan?

An Introduction to China's Global Military and Defence Footprint

Is China's economy shrinking?

China's new Global Security Initiative

Why Shanghai is in lockdown

The Rising of China's Christians

Taiwan's Great Balancing Act

We need to prepare for the Great Split between China and the West

The depressing reason for China's support of Russia

Will China be caught up in US sanctions over Russia?

Why Russia's invasion does not decrease the risk to Taiwan